I am a 61 year old Dutch radiologist. I was trained as a general radiologist. In the late seventies and early eighties ultrasound was just beginning to develop and because the radiologists in my training hospital had no experience with ultrasound they asked me to set up the ultrasound department in my training hospital. In 1984 I finished my residency and started in a small hospital in the central part of Holland where I performed all radiologic examinations together with a colleague and a staff of radiology technicians. All ultrasound examinations at that time were done by the radiologist. In the late eighties the hospital I worked in, joined a group of 4 regional hospitals to set up a larger training hospital. In some of the hospitals there were already sonographers performing ultrasound. In 1992 I became head of ultrasound. In order to improve the quality of the sonographers I set up an educational program.